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Fdpf is an application informing about the accumulation of soot in the DPF filter for Ford cars using the ELM327 Bluetooth.

Which interface choose?

  • Fdpf – I only support ELM327 Bluetooth standard and compatible interfaces.
  • The application does not have large requirements. Currently recommends interfaces :
  • I use a cheap Chinese clone elm327 myself, but nowadays getting a good quality interface is difficult. You should buy the older versions labeled V1.3, V1.4 or V1.5. I do not recommend V2.1 versions.
  • I put pictures of the interfaces in No. 1-3, which I tested and worked but not too well. The interfaces with the hybrid module are of very poor quality photo No. 5. You should choose one with the PIC18F chip, photo No. 4.

Information about other users’ ELM327 is worth having a look:

W odpowiedzi na “Fdpf app site”

Hi, the app worked flawlessly in the past but latest versions (actually 1.15) have some problem fetching all the required files in one shot, i.e. most of the time I can see only „DPF SOOT” but not „DPF LOAD” as well as I cannot see „LST REG km”. In order to see all the parameter I have to push the „resync” button on the top.
Note: I have not changed my OBDII interface.

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